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Making Your Smile Beautiful – Top Priority

Painless Name of Quality and Affordable treatment...

Our Azad Dental Care is a multi-speciality dental clinic with best instruments and materials, which is catering people of Dhanbad and Govindpur.

  • Painless Tooth Removal
  • Cleansing Of Teeth
  • Tooth Restoration And RCT
  • Correction Of Crooked Teeth
  • Trauma Management
  • Denture And Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Every tooth in man's head is more valuable than a diamond

    Miguel De Cervantes

Our Speciality

We are the best at what we do!

Tooth Removal


This is what we do without giving pain, and help the patient to have a nice painless smile again

1. Painless extractions

2. Wisdom tooth removal

Tooth Cleaning


From a shy smile to smile with confidence. Yes we clean and polish you teeth to give you a pearly white smile again

Filling and


This is what a dentist does to prevent you tooth and prevent caries. We have latest composites and resin in place of black silver filing. Root Canal Treatments are done with latest protaper files to reduce treatment time and appointments and will relive your paining tooth to smiling one.

Artificial Tooth


To give you back what you lost, yes the teeth off course

1. CD (Complete Denture) : For our senior citizens, a full set of teeth to eat and smile

2. RPD(Removable Partial Denture) : For patients with missing teeth and it is removable

3. FPD(Fixed Partial Denture) : For patients who are in need of artificial fixed tooth

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